Cobault Loan & Investment Firm, has been providing consumer loans for more than 10 years, helping individuals with financial assistance when they need it most. Cobault Limited's goal is to get you the money you need when you need it, while treating you with dignity and respect. Loans are frequently approved within 20 working days. We pride ourselves in providing a wide ranging suite of programs and investments to suit most individuals and corporations, each fully checked to the highest standards of safety and protection. We are a facilitator of innovative project finance solutions to real estate, media/film/entertainment, energy, commodity, hospitality, humanitarian and many other sectors throughout Europe, US, Asia, and Russia. Bond Financing, Angel investors, hedge funds, financial instrument financing.

When you call or visit a Cobault Limited Company office, you'll soon discover the Cobault Limited difference!. Cobault Limited is part of the consumer finance industry that pumps billions of dollars into the economy of the United Kingdom, United States and Asia yearly. This industry consists of all sorts of companies that lend money to consumers to allow them to enrich their lives. Cobault Limited Company makes loans based on the credit-worthiness of the applicant and for any purpose they see fit.

We work on all levels: as a commercial financier multinationals; public and private companies; and individuals. To do our job properly - and we do - we need to know our clients’ business. We’re proud of our business, and we’re proud that we provide the range of finance solutions our clients need to help them achieve their goals. We’re also proud that we offer high level, consistent service - to every one of our clients.

“One of the greatest pleasures of my job is the joy and relief our customers experience when we approve their loan that no one else is willing to give them. We also provide value-added services to our customers by educating them on how to budget monthly and help them build their credit. The opportunity to develop good credit is a life-changing event for them and opens doors that would otherwise be closed.” – M. Pittson.

Cobault Limited believes that customer service is the key to any successful business, and that the best way to make the customer feel appreciated is to make the employee feel appreciated. The company’s goal is to have a happy, enthusiastic team of people who enjoy coming to work.

Our Employees

Cobault Loan & Investment Firm encourages its employees to play active roles in their local communities. In addition to playing an important role in the local economy of their areas, Cobault Limited employees volunteer for numerous civic and charitable events and activities.Industry Participation.

Cobault Limited is active, and represented, in numerous state and national finance organizations.